Spray Hand Sanitizer – 500ml



Hyper focused on self-hygiene, this Spray Hand Sanitizer has been proven to kill harmful germs and bacteria

  • Pleasantly scented and leaves the skin with a smooth after-feel.
  • Contains no harmful ingredients and made with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade alcohol.
  • Safe for use by pregnant women and children.
  • Available in natural, vanilla, citrus, tropical and yogi fragrances.

NOTE: Health Canada recently recalled several hand sanitizers that were using industrial grade ethanol/alcohol. This type of alcohol contains harmful contaminants which makes these sanitizers NOT SAFE for pregnant women and children.

Sunbee, Hand Sanitizers are highly effective, skin purifying hand sanitizers that have been proven to kill harmful bacteria and germs. Our unique blend includes 100% organic Aloe Vera and a combination of essential oils rich in antioxidants and natural cleansing powers, known to protect skin against harmful organisms.

Proudly Made in Canada; We are fully registered with Health Canada; all of our Hand Sanitizers include a Natural Product Number (NPN).

Laboratory studies suggest hand sanitizers help to prevent infections by killing transient recurring pathogenic bacteria. Hand-washing, whether done with antimicrobial or regular soap, physically removes microorganisms from the skin. Our Gel Hand Sanitizers add moisturizing, emollient qualities, creating a natural barrier to protect your skin.

Medicinal ingredients: 2-Propanol(Isopropyl alcohol) - 65%(v/v)
Non-medicinal ingredients: Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Natural essential oils, Water


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