Premium Natural Cat Ear Wipes


Veterinarian Approved Cat Ear Wipes

Keep ears clean and infection-free with these veterinarian-approved ear wipes specially designed for pets. The chemical-free, natural formula reduces yeasty odors and eliminates wax buildup with antifungal and antibacterial properties. Gentle yet effective cloth  safely wipes away debris, dirt, and excess wax every day without irritation. Reduce uncomfortable shaking and scratching with easy, regular use.


Keep your cat’s ears clean and healthy with Sunbee Natural Cat Ear Wipes. Veterinarian-approved and specially formulated for feline ears, these gentle wipes help eliminate yeast, bacteria, and wax buildup. The formula features natural antibacterial and antifungal ingredients to prevent future irritation without harsh chemicals.

Ideal for regular use, these soft textured wipes safely and effectively remove yeast, debris and excess wax thanks to the soothing, non-scratchy microfiber cloth. They are gentle enough to use daily on sensitive or infected ears without causing further discomfort. Easy to grip wipes allow you to conveniently clean kitty’s ears at home in between vet visits.

You and your cat will love the light, pleasant aroma of these natural wipes made only from plant-based components.  Use Sunbee Cat Natural Ear Wipes for cleaner, infection-free ears that will make your feline friend purr with relief! Get yours today for long-lasting cat ear health.


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